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Sacramento Solar Solutions

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Solar Works CA

If you’re considering making the switch to a new solar system, Sacramento Solar Solutions is here to answer all of your questions about green solar energy.  From learning “How does solar energy work,” to custom consultations and professional solar panel installation, we do it all with the high quality workmanship that we are known for.  As one of the best solar companies in the Sacramento area, we have helped hundreds of homeowners successfully change to alternative energy with our services.  We have years of experience  and the best products in the industry and  all of our work is also backed with a comprehensive warranty you can trust. We will provide you the photovoltaic system to lower your utility costs, lower impact on the environment and ensure your never left in the dark again. so, how much will you save by making the switch? Call today and well give you a free quote.

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    About Us

    At Sacramento Solar Solutions, we are among the best solar companies in the Sacramento Valley. We take great pride in helping homeowners make the switch to renewable energy sources.  With Sacramento consistently being one of the sunniest cities in the country, we want our friends and neighbors to take advantage of all the benefits modern solar systems have to offer.  We offer the most efficient solar panels, Inverters and Battery back up systems available. Our custom tailored solar power systems are guaranteed to meet your needs.  Accounting for your individual energy needs and the layout of your property, our solar system designers know exactly how to adapt to our local area to achieve your energy independence and security.


    We take our reputation seriously, and pride ourselves on being among the best solar companies in Sacramento. We like to get to know each client and their energy goals. Our custom consultations allow us to tailor our services to your specific energy needs. Our skilled team is here to help you design a PV system that is perfect to meet your energy goals as well as your budget. We enjoy working with you every step of the way, from teaching you about our products to final installation and operation instructions. We use industry leading brand  solar panels, inverters and solar battery storage systems for your home with solid names you can rely on. These solar battery storage systems in particular have become a popular option the last few years with Rolling blackouts and planned outages affecting so many of our neighbors in the area. Call today for a new solar system guaranteed to run more efficiently than anything else on the market and we'll even throw in a Tesla Powerwall to ensure you are never left in the dark again.

    Our mission is make sure our clients benefit from all the advantages of solar energy, and are comfortable in their decision by backing our work with an unbeatable warranty. Call today to learn more.

    "As I sit here listening to the music of hidden valley (generators), I’m so happy we decided to go solar. If any of my generator neighbors are tired of running extension cords and filling up the gas tank of your noisy generator, contact my good friend James Galbraith with Sacramento Solar Solutions and he would be more than happy to get you a good quote on a solar system with a solar battery storage".

    -Justin Vincent, Placerville CA

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    Renewable Energy and You

    When you’re first considering  investing in a solar system installation for your  home you may be asking yourself “Are solar panels worth it?”  For those ready to learn more, our team is here to teach you about the numerous benefits of photovoltaic power. From environmental impact, property value ROI to the net energy savings and multiple solar incentives available now is definitely the time to go green. Call today and talk with one of our friendly techs and find out how much you could be saving every month by going green today. working with us we will make sure that you fully understand your investment in green energy and are not only comfortable but excited with your custom solar system.

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    solar panels for your home

    Investing in solar panels for your home is one of the smartest decisions that you can make for your property value both now and down the road.  Our solar systems are designed to make your energy usage more efficient. we offer several programs to  help you switch to solar energy and enjoy the monthly savings that come with it, rather than paying annual rate increases traditional providers keep adding every year.  With systems that pay for themselves over time, and that increase your overall property value, our solar panels are the smart investment in your future.

    "When I started looking into solar I was overwhelmed. When I stumbled onto Sacramento Solar Solutions they made it easy. I spoke with James and he was very knowledgeable. When buying solar in Sacramento definitely choose Sacramento Solar Solutions".                  -Linda Silks, Rocklin CA

    solar battery storage

    One of the most important parts of selecting the right solar installation is selecting the right solar battery storage unit to store your excess energy. We offer the top rated brands in the industry with names like Tesla, LG and More.  As one of the top solar companies in Sacramento, we will help you make the right decision for your energy needs, with the goal of maximizing your solar system's efficiency.  Through selecting the right solar battery storage unit you’ll have a solar system that works seamlessly to provide you with the energy you need when you need it. Never get left in the dark again with our solar battery storage units. Call today to see how you can get a free Tesla Powerwall today!

    Tesla Battery Backup

    Sacramento Solar Solutions was with us when we were trying to decide whether or not to switch to solar for our home.  They ran us through all of the available options, making sure we knew what we would be getting ourselves into and how it would benefit our home.  They were a joy to work with and we are happy we worked with them! ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Helen J, Sacramento, CA

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    solar panel installation

    By selecting our Professional team for you solar installation project you can be confident that you will receive the most thorough services in the business.  Whether we’re installing a solar panel roof, or working on your Inverter we tailor our services to the needs of every client.  Including assisting clients to ensure that they fully take advantage of every Federal, state and local solar incentive available. our solar installations are the smartest investment you can make in the future of your property.

    "We opted to get solar after we talked to James Galbraith. He has been completely honest and above board with us throughout the entire process (signing up to installation). We love our low PG&E bill almost as much as we love our solar! ”                                                                                                                             – Patty Kinworthy, El Dorado hills, CA

    Contact Us Today

    If you’re ready to make the switch to a clean green solar energy system, we are here to assist you every step of the way. As one of the best solar energy companies in the area we are always just a phone call away.  Working with hundreds of happy home owners all over the Sacramento Valley, we have helped countless happy homeowners to go solar with our high quality solar systems.  Enhance your energy effeciency and never see another utility bill again! Give us a call to find out about our full list of services and how they can benefit you.  We offer FREE over the phone consultations to determine your needs, and 24 hr. estimates for our custom solutions for your home.  No matter the size of your project, let our team at Sacramento Solar Solutions guide you to the best Solar Systems on the market!

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