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How Much Can Solar Save You?

Are you seeking for a way to save money on your energy bill and also want to protect the environment? Then you’re in the right place! Sacramento Solar Solutions is the best choice in the entire region for top-quality solar products and the professional services you need to make the switch green and clean green energy. We offer the most efficient solar panels at affordable solar panel cost and solar battery backup systems in the industry, with brands you know like Tesla & LG. Our experts help you through every step of the process from Initial consultation to the moment you flip the switch and watch your meter start rolling backward! Give us a call today to see how much you can save by making the switch today!



Solar System  produces power by utilizing free abundant solar energy from the sun and converting it into electrical energy to power your life.  A solar system comes in various sizes and at different solar panel cost ranges. Our specialists will work with you to analyze your PG&E bill and  tailor a system that’s perfect for your needs.

When you think about installing a solar power system, you will undoubtedly have various questions in mind. Here, we will discuss the multiple options to ensure you are getting exactly what you want before installing a single panel at home.


Components of the Solar Panel System

Let us talk about the various parts of the standard solar panel system. There are the following parts of solar energy:

Solar Panel InstallationSolar panels

Solar panels or PV modules are the essential part of any photovoltaic array. These made up of solar cells, framing, and glass. The groups work by collecting and harnessing the thermal energy from the sun and delivering it via DC power in an inverter component.


Inverters intake DC power generated by solar panels and process that energy by converting it into AC power. These come in different sizes and various technologies. Most communal inverters are string inverters, central inverters, microinverters, and battery-based inverters.

Racking and Mounting

Racking and Mounting is an indispensable part of any solar system. Both rooftop and ground mount arrays need set up at the top and is a sound and stable structure to ensure the operation that maintains the integrity and operate for an extended period.

Balance of Systems

It works to combine other electrical products within the system, and then mixing and distributing a series of power control and distribution options for any PV array.


Wiring ensures that the other parts of the solar system are interconnected and pass energy from one device to another.

Charge Controllers

Charge controllers work to regulate the electric charge, and they limit the rate at which electric current added or withdrawn from the batteries.



Solar Backup Batteries enable the ability to store energy to use at a later date or time. They used within off-grid or hybrid solar electric arrays, which require power to use in case of lack of sunlight, unstable power distribution, or lack of access to a utility supplier.


Special offers

  • Sacramento Solar Solutions  offers the best rates at affordable solar panel cost in the industry with an unbeatable 1.49% APR and terms up to 20 years
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Types of the solar system

There are primarily three types of Solar Panel System, and these types vary in how closely they connected to the traditional power utility infrastructure. Each class has strengths that determine how they suited to your needs. There are the following different kinds of system:

Grid Inter-Tired Solar Power System

Cost of Solar panel

This system directly connects to the homes and the traditional utility grids. It allows the proprietor to get power from either the home electric system or the utility grid. The advantage of this system is the ability to balance the system production and requirement of the property.




Grid Inter-Tired Solar Power System with Battery Backup

This system is our most popular home solar system option since scheduled shutdowns began last fire season. It also connected to the traditional utility power grid and adds battery backups to the system. This addition enables the system to balance production and demand and protects against power outages. This system is excellent to have when there are PG&E Blackouts, cloudy weather, or just to avoid peak usage rates.

Off-Grid Solar Power System

An Off-Grid Solar Power System completely disconnected from the traditional electric power grid. In this system, batteries are essential to balance the periods of excess production and excess demand. An electric generator added to this system to protect against the shortfall of the electricity.


How Can the Solar Panel System be Maintained?

The solar panel system is a significant investment; hence it requires proper maintenance and cleaning of the panels timely. Following are some tips to maintain the groups:

  • Keep solar panels out of the shade in full sunlight place.
  • Keep under watch the panels and check the inverters are flashing green lights.
  • Evaluate the day-to-day performance to improve maintenance.
  • Monitor the system to ensure its effects on the environment.
  • From time to time clean the panels when they appear dirty.



  • Sacramento Solar Solutions has the best deals on top brands like Tesla and LG batteries to ensure your never left in the dark by PG&E ever again.
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