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Solar Panels for your Home

Home Solar System California

Investing in solar panels for your house are one of the smartest decisions that you can make for your property.  Sacramento is consistently one of the sunniest places in America, meaning that the advantages of solar energy in our area are limitless.  Our services include a consultation that lets you know how solar will benefit your property, as well as reviewing the installation process and your options for financing and solar incentives.  With installations that are custom tailored to the needs and design of your individual property, you can be confident that you will receive the full benefits of our products.

Custom Consultation

As part of our solar installation process, we always make sure that our clients are receiving the full benefits of their new system.  Accordingly, we provide a full consultation prior to starting work, letting our clients know the benefits that they can expect from their new solar panels.  Including an assessment of the energy needed to power your home, as well as the best place to set up the panels, we make sure that the system and solar battery that we install are equipped to handle your daily needs.  By fitting the right products to your energy use, you’ll not only save money on your monthly expenses, but you can be assured that your power will run efficiently.

There are a number of reasons to choose solar panels for your home, including both the environmental and financial benefits.  With our solar panels for houses and beyond, our clients see lowered monthly energy bills whose benefits quickly pay for the system itself.  Even for those that aren’t planning to stay in their home throughout the lifespan of their solar panels, having them on your property can increase the resale value.  In addition, our experts will make sure you’re able to take advantage of both federal and California solar incentives that enable you to sell energy back to the grid.

By selection Sacramento Solar Solutions for your solar panel installation, you will not only have a new source of alternative energy, but products that are designed to last.  Including solar panel roofs that are effective and inconspicuous, we use high quality materials in combination with years of expertise to deliver a superior finished product.  From your panels to your solar inverter and batteries, the products we use are designed to last throughout the years.  By working with us, an installation that only takes a few days time will result in long lasting alternative energy solutions for your property.

Affordable Energy Solutions
While the environmental benefits of solar energy are great, the money saving benefits are another major reason why clients select us for their solar power.  Including unbeatable financing plans that can help you plan out the initial investment in your panels, we want to make our solar solutions accessible to every budget.  In addition to financing options, there are also tax credits and other solar incentives, on both the state and federal level, that are designed to make solar energy more affordable than ever.  By making the smart decision to integrate green energy into your home, you’ll see lowered energy bills and a high quality system that pays for itself in savings over time.

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